Component Assembly


Highly skilled technicians are engaged in the complete sub-assembly and assembly build, incorporating induction brazing and other special processes.

Final testing of all completed assemblies is carried out on specially designed equipment with all data computerised for process control and retention of records.

Custom Built Pressure Test Lab

The pressure test facilities incorporate a microprocessor controlled temperate ramp rate and are designed to pressure test electro-mechanical components in de-ionized water from ambient at atmosphere up to 200°C at 25,000 psi. Electrical testing includes resistance, insulation / isolation and inductance at both ambient and at full pressure.

Electrical Assembly and Test Facilities

Our technicians are fully trained to solder and wire to IPC J-STD and assemble and test a wide range of electro-mechanical assemblies, including generators / alternators.

An LPE bespoke designed facility is utilised to assemble and fully load test alternators.

Kitting Facilities

To offer a world-class combination of supply chain management, manufacturing, inspection and measurement, LPE provide a full kitting service to our customers.

With components fully protected in secure specialised containers, LPE can confidently meet your need for an accurate, guaranteed supply of complex and critical items.

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