With highly skilled personnel utilising state of the art computer technology and software, LPE has a department dedicated to defining manufacturing methods including machining strategy, programming, tool and cutter selection, fixture design, detailed models and drawings can also be generated to assist the manufacturing process.

This department also offers assistance during the tendering process.

Through production engineers the customer often request LPE to offer experience and advice particularly when developing new products to cut costs and optimise the product when it goes into production.

Production Engineering

Using Pro-Engineer and Auto CAD our dedicated production engineering department provides a concurrent engineering and product design service enabling responsive R&D support to the customer at each stage of the complete manufacturing process including liaison with key suppliers.

Offline Programming For CNC Machines

State of the Art offline programming, using Delcam, Master CAM and Alpha CAM, enables fully optimised “right first time” CNC programmes to be created for our extensive range of CNC machine tools.

Surface Scanning For Reverse Engineering (Cosmos & Scan-Win)

This allows 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional scanning to allow the conversion of measured data into CAD representation, providing the capability to replicate and modify existing designs.

CNC Part programme Storage/Retrieval/Maintenance Using DNC Max 4

This communication system provides LPE with a complete DNC solution including remote part program request, advanced communication and activity logging capability.

Offline Programming Co-Ordinate Measuring Machines (Cadpack-Win)

Capability of offline programming CMM machines, in parallel with CNC manufacture, using CAD/PAK software, enables the application of our CADPAK-WIN offline programming software. This allows utilisation and investigation of CAD data, culminating in the data file that can be converted to produce a GEOPAK-WIN measurement programme.

This enables inspection programming to be carried out concurrently with manufacture achieving consistency and reduced lead times.

Live Programming of Co-Ordinate Measuring Machines (Cosmos & 3D Tool Software)

This enables accurate measurement of any component in real time using a 3 dimensional model and an engineering drawing. This provides the capability to compare actual measured results against the CAD data and drawings.

IFS ERP System

Lymington Precision Engineers Co Ltd has recently implemented the industry leading IFS ERP system for handling manufacturing, production control, finance and document management.

This substantial investment has enabled LPE to gain control over all aspects of the business at the touch of a button, to ensure the strictest levels of quality and professionalism are attained.

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